Filter Hunt

You can exchange color presets in LUT format with other photographers or videographers around the world.

LUTs can be created in most of the photo editing or specialized applitions.

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How to create a LUT filter?

  • in Adobe Lightroom:

  • in Adobe Photoshop:

    1. Open picture in Photoshop and make adjustments1.
    2. Select File / Export / Color Lookup Tables... menu item.
    3. Ensure that Cube LUT format checked.
    4. Press OK and select file name of exported file.
    5. Open Upload page at
    6. Make sure that Cube format selected as import format
    7. Upload sample picture for this LUT and provide medatata.
    8. Press Upload button.
  • in any picture editor:

    1. Open picture in picture editor and make adjustments1.
    2. Download Hald identity image.
    3. Open Hald image in picture editor application.
    4. Make same changes to Hald image. Some applications allow copy changes from one image to another. For example use Settings / Copy Settings in Adobe Lightroom.
    5. Export Hald LUT image
    6. Open Upload page at
    7. Make sure that Hald LUT format selected as import format
    8. Upload sample picture for this LUT and provide metadata.
    9. Press Upload button.

How to Use a LUT filter?

  • in Adobe Photoshop:

    Select Layer / New Adjustment Layer / Color Lookup... and select 3DLUT File downloaded from in layer properties (more info)